Evaluate which trading channel is best for you, after all, it is useless to have a great service at the trading desk and a terrible home broker if you will only use the home broker.

Withdrawal fee

Investments and withdrawals at brokerage firms can only be made through bank transfers. Precisely for this reason, some brokers charge the cost of TED from their clients when making withdrawals. This rate is low and is usually not higher than $ 5.00. However, when you work with Blix Group then it is for sure that you will be having the best choices there.

If you are still in the stage of accumulation of resources it is important to be careful not to pay an abusive amount but it should not be a priority to influence your decision. For the Blix Group this is essential.


The availability of the stockbroker to serve its customers and the quality of service make a big difference when it comes to solving problems. While some brokers are very accessible with multiple channels of communication and a well-trained team, others are very difficult to contact and sometimes have agents of dubious quality who do not know how to inform even the brokerage fees. So before opening your account, test the brokerage service channels you would like to be served by.

We, for example, love being served via chat, we find it very practical to open the browser on a notebook or cell phone and speak via text in a more dynamic way than an email and still be able to have a written record of what has been agreed. So before opening an account anywhere, we always ask several questions via chat to see if the service is qualified.


In the past, the tools that a broker or other offered were a great differentiator. With the ever faster advance of technology, this difference is no longer so great. Most brokers offer a wide range of tools with charts, income tax calculator and live analysts throughout the trading session to help you choose your investments.