Activision Blizzard, Inc. or NASDAQ ATVI at has a beta value of 0.59 and have also witnessed 4,588,009 shares traded in the last trading session. The firm is currently valued for $56.27 Billion and closed the last trade at $73.03 per share. This implies that the firm managed to gain $0.1 on that day or 0.21% during that whole trading session. Moreover, the company’s stock price is -4.03% off from its 52-week high price of $75.97. Not only this, but the value of the company’s stock is also 42.71% above the 52-week low of $41.84. If carefully looked at the firm’s 10-day average daily trading amount, it is at 8.02 Million shares traded followed by the 3-month trading volume is 9.39 Million shares.

Stock performance

The ATVI stock has traded in green over the past five days with the highest price that was hit on Wednesday, May 13. This was the day when the stock price touched $75.01- or saw an increase of 2.64%. According to the data of year-to-date, Activision Blizzard, Inc. shares have moved 22.9%, while it changed by only 1.08% in its 5-day performance. Year-to-date refers to a period from the first day of the fiscal year up to the current date. It is essential for analyzing business trends or comparing the performance data with the competitors. Moreover, over the past 30 days, the company’s shares have changed only by 9.2%. Activision Blizzard, Inc. has also witnessed 14.73 Million shares shorted to cover 1.57.

What do the analysts have to say

According to the analysts, the price target for the company’s stocks is $77.58. This implies that the value of its shares can witness an increase of 6.23% from the current value levels. Moreover, the low price target of the firm is $59 while on the contrary, the price target rests at a high of $84. Consequently, the current price level of the firm is  +15.02% off the expected or targeted high.

Estimates of the company

The company’s figures also show that it has gained +36.66% in the last 6 months with an 18.67% annual growth rate. Moreover, the firm has increased its growth outlook for the fiscal year revenue of 2020. As per the growth estimates for the current quarter, they are at 22.6% and 2.6% for the next quarter.


Activision Blizzard, Inc. is expected to release the reports of its earnings anywhere between August 06 and August 10. Many investors are also excited about the possibility of better dividends despite the company’s debt issue. You can also check nasdaq amd at .