The movie industry is starting 2021 with many hopes. Apart from theatre releases, viewers can watch these below mentioned movies hd online.

  1. Krack – Story – Pothuraju Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) is a very angry police cop. He enjoys his life with his wife shruti haasan and their only son.Kathari Krishna (Samudrakhani), who started as a small rowdy and kept the police and politicians in his pocket and swept the Ongole area confronts Veera Shankar who has been appointed in that area. Shankar’s ego is hurt and hetargets Krishna. The feud between the two went on. The rest of the story is who finally got the upper hand.

Casting – Everyone knows Gopichand Malineni’s style as a director. There will also be an understanding of how mass movies Ravi Teja does. Ravi Teja became the main attraction of ‘Krack’ by acting with good energy. Shruti Haasan is extremely frustrating in terms of looks. She has no previous grace. Thaman, who has been in good form for two or three years, continued his momentum in ‘Krack’. GK Vishnu Visuals is a big plus for ‘Krack’. He showed amazing performance in the action scenes. The producer of the film is B. Madhu.

  1. Dirty HariStory – Hari (Shravan Reddy) is a young man with an ambition to achieve anything. He falls in love with Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma) from a rich family. That love goes somewhat into marriage. Meanwhile, Hari falls in love with his friend’s girlfriend Jasmine (Simrat Kaur). Jasmine, who aspires to be a heroine, also approaches Hari. Jasmine becomes pregnant due to this bond. Unable to break free from the wealthy Vasudha, what did Hari, who was also trapped in the bondage of this pregnant Jasmine, do? The story is how these three lives took turns?

Casting – MS Raju, who once made his mark as a producer with top class films has now surprised everyone by directing a thriller with an erotic touch called  Dirty Hari. Shravan Reddy(main lead), Ruhani Sharma and Simrat Kaur are all good in their acting. The producers are Gudur Satish Babu, Gudur Sai Puneet.The music by Mark K Robin is very good and the cinematography by baalreddy is nice.

  1. Mail –Story – The film is set around the 90’s. Occasionally when the computer is known in the village, a young boy named Haibat (Priyadarshi) takes a computer to his hometown. Ravi Kumar (Harshith Malgireddy) saw the computer and it’s functioning in awe when he went to Haibat’s gaming center to check his results of the board.In the meantime Ravi falls in love with Roja (Gouri Priya). Actually it’s very much confusing for Ravi whom to give first priority – his computer passion or his lover. Also Mani(Subbu) the friend of Ravi is pleasure to watch.Then one day an email in the inbox became the turning point of the movie. What is mail which turns the storyline of the movie. For this you have to watch the rest of  the movie.

Casting –When it comes to director Uday Gurra, he has done a good job. Harshith Malgireddy, Gouri Priya, Priyadarshi, Subbu are all good.The music by Kamran is very soothing to hear.

 These Telugu new movies will no doubt give you a fresh feel during this uncertain times.